Air Conditioners & Rebate (NEW)

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Smart User is recognized and an authorized HVAC provider for Victoria. With Immense pride, Smart User has played a huge role in the lives of Victorians as we’ve has delivered over 250,000 families in providing affordable home improvements.

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How It Works

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program offers incentives for households to upgrade to reverse cycle air conditioners that can heat and cool.

The cost of heating and cooling your home can be a significant part of your energy bills. On average, Victorian households can spend up to $800 a year, or a third of their energy bill, on heating.

By replacing old heating and cooling systems with more energy-efficient ones or simply purchasing new energy-efficient ones, you can significantly reduce the costs and energy use associated with heating and cooling.

Multi-split – one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units, suitable for multiple rooms.

Living in a rental property?

If you’re living in a private rental property, you are eligible to receive a rebate on a heating and cooling system. We recommend that landlords and tenants work together when doing any upgrades to a rental property.