Free residential LED Upgrade
Under Victoria Energy Upgrades Program (VEU Program)
Our group of over 40 A grade electricians can help you upgrade your old incandescent globes, CFL globes, halogen globes and downlights to our new energy saving LED globes for FREE. Our LED globes can save you up to 85% of your lighting bill. Our lighting activities are operated under 'Silicon Lighting' and we have changed 500,000 inefficient globes to LED in the last 12 months.
Free Inhome Display
Under Victoria Energy Upgrades Program (VEU Program)
Our Inhome display unit has two components. The transmitter can read your smart metre and transmit the data to the screen unit at home. You can read your current and past energy usage anytime you want to keep you updated for your energy consumption. You can get this product completely free of charge from us now!
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