FREE Air Conditioner

Extreme Cooling, at Your Fingertips

Increase the comfort, wellbeing, improve your indoor air quality with a Brand New Air Conditioner.

FREE Air Conditioner

Did you know that you might be eligible to get a full rebate for a Brand New Air Conditioner with high energy efficient ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Why is it Free?

You can upgrade your Air Conditioner completely free product funded by the Solar Homes Victoria and Victorian Energy Upgrades Program as long as they meet the requirements for a limited time.

(2) What about the Installation?

Standard Installation is also FREE. But for special circumstances, there might be extra charges. 

(3) What are the brand names & specs?

Several sizes are available from the world renowned brands such as  Midea, Hisense, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries…etc. Please check your eligibility to discover which brand and size suits you. 


You must be a Home Owner. That is the Primary Eligibility Condition for this. 

There are other eligibility criteria according to the government standards. Therefore a FREE CONSULTATION is essential to check whether you are eligible to get this offer.

Please CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY by clicking following button for your FREE CONSULTATION.

The Process

Step 1- Submit Your Information 

We have heaps of other FREE products to choose. Choose all the products you want and submit your information.

Step 2-  Free Consultation

Our team will contact you after see whether you are eligible to get the FREE Air Conditioner Upgrade (Based on the government regulations).

Step 3- Installation

Our team will Install Air Conditioner at a predetermined time of your convenience.