Free Shower Head Upgrade Old

Free Upgrade Free Installation

100% Free Brand New Water Effecient Shower Head Under Victoria Energy Upgrades Program

Reduce water use in shower

Waterflow from 9L/min+ to 7.5L/min

Reduce energy use

Less energy used in heating shower water

3 years Warranty

3 Years warranty on Shower Head

Are you eligible for FREE upgrade?

1. Is the waterflow of your shower head over 9L/min?

Yes – You can get a free upgrade to a water saving shower head.

No – Your shower head is not eligible for upgrade.

2. Is your hot water system gravity fed (G-fed)?

G-fed hot water system is usually placed between your ceiling and roof. Because there is no pump within the hot water system, and water flows down with earth gravity. The water flow will be very small, if water saving shower head gets installed.

3. Is your property for residential or business?

Maximum 3 shower heads upgrades per residential house / unit.

No quantity limit for business properties (e.g. student accommodation, motel etc).

3. Old shower heads will be taken away, and no spare.

Quantity of old (decommissioned) shower heads has to match the quantity of new shower heads installed.