Free Shower Head Upgrade

Free Upgrade Free Installation

100% Free Brand New Water Effecient Shower Head Under Victoria Energy Upgrades Program

Reduce water use in shower

Waterflow from 9L/min+ to 7.5L/min

Reduce energy use

Less energy used in heating shower water

3 years Warranty

3 Years warranty on Shower Head

Why Should You Upgrade?

 Relax Daily with Massage Shower Level Water Pressure when you upgrade.

Upgrade to a Stylish Shower Head that Compliments The Looks of Your Bathroom.

Be a Proud Member of the Movement to Reduce The Environmental Impact.

More Information

1. Is it for your business or for your home?

Maximum 3 shower heads upgrades per house / unit.

No limit of shower heads for business properties (e.g. student accommodation, motel etc).

2 What Happens to the old shower head?

You don’t have to worry about disposing the old shower head. Our retrofitter will take your old shower head.

3 How Many Shower Head Types?

There are 4 Shower Head Types. You can choose any shower head that suits your bathroom.

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible, you just need to

Have an account with a participating water retailer

Own a Property or Rent a Property in Victoria

[If you are a tenant, simply get permission from the landlord]

Please note that these water efficent showerheads may not be suitable for gravity fed or low pressure hot water systems