How to Maintain Your Hot Water System?

Hot water systems have become an integral part of our daily lives. We almost take it for granted as we are assured that the heat pump water heater would provide hot water for our bath daily. The problem arises when the heater breaks down. That’s when you get worked up because you don’t get hot water in the shower. A simple and efficient way of preventing this problem is to regularly maintain your hot water system. Maintenance ensures the heater and the associated equipment work well and will not break down so easily.

If you were wondering how to maintain your heat pump installation in the best possible way, then we have a guide for you. The information here will tell you all you need to know about maintaining your hot water system.

Hot water systems

About the hot water system

Before getting into maintenance, it is important to know the basics of the heat pump system. The system is eco-friendly as it uses renewable energy that is extracted from the air. Approved by the government, these hot water systems have a Japanese compressor that ensures a noise-less trouble-free operation. It works on a wide operating temperature range from -7 degree C to +40 degree C. It is much cheaper than electric hot water systems and solar hot water systems.

Maintenance tips

The following are some tips to help you in the effective maintenance of the heat pump system. These are simple but easy to implement. You can start following these tips from today.

  1. Do not switch on the heater for an extended duration

    Use the heater only for the duration when you need it. Many people tend to keep the heater on for a long time so the water remains hot. Keeping the heat pump water heater on for a long time causes wear and tear. This can reduce the life of the heater. Most heaters can heat water within 5 minutes. So, do not use the heater for too long and ensure the heater life is extended.

  2. Lower the temperature

    While the hot water system allows you to vary the temperature, it is advisable to avoid using the heater at high temperatures. The higher the temperature, the more work needs to be done by the heater. This puts pressure on the equipment and can cause a reduction in its longevity. For effective maintenance and to increase the life of the heater, try to use the heater at lower temperatures.

  3. Ensure you get a system with a longer warranty

    A longer period of warranty ensures that any problem would be taken care of by the agency doing the heat pump installation. The hot water tank should have a warranty of at least 5 years. The warranty on other parts should be for a minimum of 3 years. This ensures that any problem you face is fixed by the vendor. Once the warranty period is over, you can even consider getting the warranty extended.

  4. Ensure annual maintenance is done

    The vendor would carry out annual maintenance. During the maintenance, a detailed check of the heat pump is carried out. This ensures any problem is detected early and timely action is taken. This would prevent the breakdown of the system. Maintenance by professionals ensures the heat pump water heater would be in good condition and you can have a trouble-free experience using the product.

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