Smart In-Home Display

Free Smart In-Home Display

100% Free Brand New Smart In-Home Display under Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

How does it works?

Smart In-Home Display connects directly to your in-home smart electricity meter and sends data directly to your phone or chosen device; tracking and reporting your real-time electricity usage.

Why Smart In-Home Display

Currently, the Victorian government is installing free Smart In-Home Display devices for residents under the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program. The Smart In-Home Display can detect your household electricity consumption in real-time and sends it to your mobile phone. It provides the information every hour. You can analyse and save energy according to the electricity usage per your household.

Are you eligible for FREE In-Home Display

  1. Having a smart-meter and being able to access it.
  2. The property is in Victoria.
  3. Have not installed a Smart In-Home Display before.

What we can do for you

Smart In-Home Display is the best way for you to understand power consumption.
Simply connect your smart-meter to a home monitor, and you can:

Check the most power-hungry appliances in your home to reduce power consumption.

Set energy budget and track usage.

View real-time energy usage reports.

Receive an alert when your energy usage exceeds your budget.

Always make wiser choices and save a lot of electricity and money.