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Free Smart In-Home Display

Slash Your Energy Bills by Hundreds of Dollars a Year With This Little Device

$0 Out of Your Pocket

This device is called Smart In-Home Display.

This is worth of $129 yet you get this completely FREE under the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program because the Victorian Government is committed to helping Victorian households reduce their energy costs.

And of course this comes with a FREE COVID-Safe Installation.


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How Does it Work (2)

How Does it Work?

You Can Start Saving in Simply 3 Steps

(1) Connect the Device in to the Smart Electricity Meter


(2) Track Real-Time Electricity Usage , Access The Reports, Alerts, Personalized Tips …etc. via the mobile application.


(3) Save Your Money & Save Energy  

Why You Need Smart In-Home Display?

  • View Real-Time Energy Usage Reports.
  • You Can Check The Most Power-Hungry Appliances in Your Home to Reduce Power Consumption.
  • You Can Easily Set an Energy Budget and Track Usage.
  • The Smart In-Home Display will Automatically Alert You When Energy is Wasted.
  • You Get to See Highlights and informs you when appliances need attention.
  • You can Altogether Reduce your Electricity Bill by Up to 15% by using the Smart In-Home Display.
  • And Of Course You also Help to Reduce the Carbon Footprint.

Connect Multiple Devices

You can connect Multiple Devices to your Energy Management Device 




           •Smart Phone

There is no limit in number of devices you can connect to save money

Even the entitre family can be connected to recieve this energy saving tips

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Are You Eligible?

You Can Start Saving in Simply 3 Steps

(1) Having a Smart-Meter and Can access it.

(2) The property is in Victoria.

(3) Have not Installed a Smart In-Home Display Before.

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100% FREE In-Home Display Unit.

100% FREE COVID-Safe Installation

7 Years Lifetime Battery Inside

✅ There is a 5 Year Warranty too.

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